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UMG - Universal Medical Gateway

Connect medical devices, data monitoring/ management systems or medical networks in an easy, cost effective and reliable way! 

Integration of all medical data sources (MDS) into Medical-IT (MIT) networks almost appears as a basic need. Especially future-proof medical applications need realtime access to the data from medical data sources. They serve - and will even more serve - as the base to derive better, faster and flexible healing processes.

MDS-, patient data management system (PDMS) vendors in cooperation with MIT departments work together to realize MIT networks. Thereby the challenge is to have vendor specific protocols translated into each other for data exchange. Although it is possible to do the data translation directly on an MDS or a PDMS, a vendor would have to touch a certified product and has to provide time, budget and resources for every single protocol translation (driver) project.

Focus on your core business! - UMG does full protocol translation and delivers the full data set from MDS to MDS / MDS to MIT / MIT to PDMS!

  • Interface/transform/forward data by using device/system specific or standardized protocols          
  • Vendor independent interfacing
  • Compatible with serial and LAN systems (WLAN, USB, Bluetooth optional)
  • Can act as data concentrator or splitter (2-4 serial ports / 2 LAN ports)
  • Ready for use in smart medical systems (Remote services, Web based applications…)
  • Customized - OEM versions possible

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